Honda Maintenance


Why should you be concerned about vehicle maintenance and appearance?

With proper service and care as indicated by your instrument panel information display, or as described in the factory recommended maintenance schedule in your owner’s manual, your Honda will have:

  • Continued reliability
  • Longer vehicle life
  • Better resale value

You’ll have more confidence and peace of mind when you drive a properly maintained, top ? performing vehicle.

Why should you service your vehicle at our Honda dealership?

Because we’ll fix it right. You can drive your vehicle with the confidence of knowing that it has received the most up-to-date attention from well-trained Honda certified technicians.

  1. We know your vehicle better than anyone else:
    • Only dealership staff can get the most current training from Honda, and our skilled technicians keep up with the training as new models are released.
    • We work on all Honda models, all years, and mileages so we’re experts.
    • Honda dealers have immediate access to a factory technical assistance team.
  2. We use Honda Genuine parts and offer competitive prices:
    • We use high-quality Honda parts, so you know they’ll fit right, function properly, and last a long time.
    • We maintain a large parts inventory and, in most cases, can get parts overnight.
    • We regularly compare our prices with independent and chain store service outlets to make sure that our prices are competitive.
  3. We work with you to properly care for your vehicle:
    • At your request, we’ll take a drive with you at the time you drop your vehicle off and again when you pick it up. We want to ensure that you are completely satisfied.
    • Honda monitors your responses to the customer satisfaction survey you complete; if you are unhappy with our service, please tell your service advisor or the service manager before you leave so we can make it right.
    • You can schedule service visits, view your maintenance schedule, shop for parts, and much more, all from the comfort of your home. Just visit us on Owner Link at:
  4. We value your continued business with our Honda dealership:
    • We do a quality control check on our warranty work so you can be assured that your vehicle has been fixed properly.
    • We guarantee our maintenance and repair work. Also, we back our Honda Genuine replacement parts with a 12 month or 12,000 mile (whichever comes first) limited warranty.
    • The limited warranty is good at any Honda dealership nationwide, so you can travel with confidence. If you need assistance locating a dealer, go to or give us a call at (800) 999-1009.
  5. Why shouldn’t you service your vehicle at a non-Honda shop?
    • Because you can’t be sure it will be fixed properly, and there are other factors that should concern you, such as these “ifs”:
      • If the work being done isn’t what Honda actually recommends for your vehicle, then you can’t really compare its value and price with the same work done by a Honda dealer.
      • If the non-Honda shop is using Honda Genuine parts, then they’re probably buying them from an Honda dealer anyway. And, the non-Honda shop is most likely paying retail rather than wholesale prices, which they mark-up and pass on to you.
      • If the shop is not using Honda Genuine parts, then the quality of those parts may be questionable, and may jeopardize related warranty coverage (while your vehicle is still under warranty). It may reduce the reliability and effectiveness of the repair or maintenance.
      • If they say their mechanics are properly trained, how long ago was the training? Are they keeping up with the rapidly changing technology of Honda vehicles?
      • If the non-Honda shop isn’t familiar with the latest recall, product update, and/or product improvement campaigns, they may not do the required work and you may not receive the free warranty work you may be entitled to.
  6. What are the specific benefits of having our Service Department maintain your vehicle?
    • When we maintain your entire Honda, we reduce the likelihood that problems will occur. The service and maintenance helps to prevent breakdowns, minimizes unplanned repairs, and ultimately saves time, money, and gas. Plus, a well documented service history adds to the resale value of your vehicle.